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Networking & Collaboration

Jagaran Nepal has been working in close collaboration and co ordination with different local, national as well as international networks for achieving its set goals. From the date of its establishment, it has been showing its solidarity and has been actively participating in different campaigns and initiatives of national and international networks working in field of women rights. Jagaran Nepal is part of following national and international civil society organisations: 

National Organisations and Networks
Realising that voice of women rights organization is usually unheard by the Stakeholders, Jagaran Nepal has affiliated to different thematic networks and alliances as per the strategy of the organisation to make the voices heard from national to international level. Thus, Jagaran Nepal has been playing an active role in the issues of Women Rights from the day of its establishment showing solidarity with the national networks. Organisations and networks that Jagaran Nepal is working in co ordination are as follows:

International Organizations & Networks 
Jagaran Nepal  has been continuously playing an active role for establishment of  rights showing the solidarity with International networks and support in internationalisation of the issues from the day of its establishment. The international networks with whom Jagaran Nepal has been associated are as follows: