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Available Women Related Data in the Centre

The centre has been collecting data on women's representation/participation in political parties, constitutional bodies, government offices and non-government sectors. The primary and secondary data are compiled and collected from different sources/sectors, where some data are the primary researches carried out by Jagaran Nepal also. 

Jagaran Nepal welcomes students, youth and women political leaders, researchers, journalists, academicians, civil society leaders and any individuals, groups or institutions to be the member of the first ever women resource centre and explore/broaden your knowledge  for the benefit of your professional and academic lives. 

The Available Data
1. International  Women Leaders
  • List of 43 women awarded by Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2011
  • List of women leaders: past, present, and emerging (2011)
  • Female world leaders currently in power (up to 2011) 
  • All countries with female presidents, past and present (up to 2011) 
  • All countries with female prime ministers, past and present (up to 2011) 
  • Female leaders less than a year in power (acting, interim leaders, etc) (up to 2011) 
  • All countries with female governor-generals (up to 2011) 
  • Countries that have had more than one female leaders (includes acting, interim leaders etc) (up to 2011) 
  • Historic female figures (up to 2011) 
  • World's 10 most populous nations and female leader status (up to 2011) 
  • Percentage of Women in National Parliaments(World classification) (up to 2011) 
  • Female Prime Ministers of the World (up to 2011) 
2 . Women Leaders in South Asia
  • Women are less likely to belong to a Political Party than Men (up to 2012)
3. National Women Leaders of Nepal 
4. Inclusion of Women in the Cabinet of Nepal 
5. Political parties
6. Civil Society 
7. Women in parliament 
8. Economic status of women 
  • Property Ownership and Economic Status of Women (up to2066)
  • Status of women's labor contribution( up to 2009)
  • Gender based household description.
9. Judiciary 
  • Women in Judiciary
  • Women participation in Judiciary sector( District court, Appellate Court and supreme court)
10. Public Service  
11. Constitutional Bodies  
  • Status of Women in Different Commission.
  • Status of women participation in constitutional organs.
  • Status of women participation in National Planning Commission.
  • Distribution of National Women's Commission Board Members and Staff by Sex and Ethnicity 
  • Distribution National Dalit Commission   by Sex ( All Dalit)
  • Distribution of CA Members by 11 Committees for Constitution Making 
  • CA Members by Ethnicity under 11 Committees for Constitution Making 
  • Women participation in constitution making process of Nepal( 2004 BS to 2063 BS) 
  • Status of women CA members in politics.
12. Election   
  • Male female voter number according to election year.
  • Women Participation in CA Election ( At a Glance)
  • Name lists of political party who were involved in Constitution Assembly. 
13. Local Bodies   
  • Women participation in District Development Committee.(2054 BS)
  • Women participation in Municipality.
  • Women participation in Village Development Committee.
14. Land
  • Distribution of land in Nepal
  • Socio-economic, ecological and agricultural status 
  • Land ownership Pattern
  • Ownership : Fact and Figure
15. Professional organizations/Federations     
  • Distribution of Nepal Bar members by sex and ethnicity 
  • Distribution of Kathmandu district committee Member NPABSON  by Sex and Ethnicity 
  • Distribution of National Committee member of NPABSON by Ethnicity and Sex
  • Distribution of National Committee member of PABSON by Ethnicity and Sex
  • Distribution of Nepal University Teachers' Union by Ethnicity and Sex  
  • Distribution of Higher Secondary School Association (HISSAN) member by Ethnicity and Sex
  • Distribution of FNJ Members by Sex and Ethnicity
  • Distribution of Drinking Water consumer  Association  by sex and ethnicity
16. Students' Union     
  • Distribution of Union Students by Sex 
  • Distribution of Union Students by Sex and Caste 
  • Distribution of Central Committee of All Nepal National Students' Union (Revolutionary) 
17. Inclusion in Armed Forces
  • State of castes/ ethnic inclusion in Nepalese army (As of April 1, 2009)
  • Women representation in security forces
  • Percentage of women in security forces
  • Participation of Females in Nepalese Army
18. Population 
  • Family number ( 2058 BS,2068BS)
  • Family member in ratio( Himal,Pahad,Tarai)
  • Population according to gender.
  • Population according to geographical areas.
  • Population of Nepal and gender ratio according to development region.
  • Population of rural and urban areas of Nepal
  • District with less population
  • Population growth rate, density according to geographical areas

19. Health

20. Migration

  • Migrated population according to geographical area 
  • Distribution of foreign labors Migrants by sex and districts (July 2009- December 2010)
  • Distribution of death of Nepalese foreign labor as per record of FEPB (2008/09 and 2009/10, Nepal)
  • Distribution of foreign labor migrants by country and sex (2006/07-2009/10, Nepal)
21. Miscellaneous
  • List of Tarai based dalit community
  • Status of labor contribution
  • Number of trafficking victims/ survivors provided protection services, by different NGOs (2009/10, Nepal)
  • Number of Women and children trafficking survivors and of traffickers (2009/10)
  • Women Participation in the Management Board of different organizations affiliated with media