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Contemporary Issues ( Disaster, Food Security and Climate Change

JN has been involved in advocacy for gender sensitive disaster risk reduction plan and policies . Immediately after the devastating earthquake on 25th April, 2015, JN massively involved in relief package distribution to the affected people as well as strongly advocated for initiating some specific programs for earthquake affected women and children . It implemented llivelihood support program focusing earthquake affected communities. Community Resource Centre (CRC) and Habitat Resource Centre (HRC) has been built using build back better & Safer (BBBS) approach in Kavre and Dolakha district where various awareness programs, seminars, training are conducted .

JN conducts periodically advocacy and lobby events either at national level or community level and advocates for the women's participation and inclusiveness in the issues of climate change in coordination with Climate Change National Networks ( to which JN is a member). Likewise, JN works in the fields of agriculture, food security , food sovereignty and right to food which are directly concerning the women and children. In affiliation with various national and international networks, it has been working in several advocacies, litigation as well as capacity building programs. Being an active member of National network on Right to Food, it has been conducting activities to fight against challenges such as food insecurity and has carried out activities by making the common citizens aware and giving financial empowerment to women so as to consume pure, healthy and quality food.