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Interaction on Males role to eliminate the violence against women

Jagaran Nepal has accomplished interaction on Males role to eliminate the violence against women on the occasion of 16 days camping and Magna Meet with an objectives to explore the men’s role issues of violence against women with focus on harmful practices ( chaupadhi) on 12 December 2019 in Kathmandu, supported by DCA. The program was chaired by JN President Mrs. Shamjhana Pokharel in presents of chef guest former Minister- MoWCSC Mrs. Tham Maya Thapa.

The interaction began in participation of honorable parliament member from far west region. They were invited as key note speaker. Among them, Honorable member Former Minister state of Finance Mr. Damodar Bhandari, Parliament Member from Bajhang Honorable Mr. Bharab Sing, Honorable Parliament Member Prakash Snehi, Honorable member, Nar Bahadur Dhami, Honorable Member, Badri Pande, Nepal Municipal Association secretarial Member, Keshab Bahadur Chand, Secretary of Magna Meet 2019, Mr. Dilu Ghimire, Senior women political leader or Presidential Women's Upliftment Program – Board of Director , Mrs. Sita Paudel, Dipa Sharma, Magna meet 2018 co- coordinator or President of Youth Advocacy Forum Nepal, Mr. Naren Khatiwada, BBC - Vice President Shushila Shrestha, other CSO’s representatives, President of Women Welfare Society Mrs. Jaya Ghimire and other general members, Task Force Committee Member and Senior Journalist Mr. Tanka Panta and media person were participated.

Solidarity with the 16 days global campaign violence against women and Magna Meet 2019. The main objective of the program is seek the effective role of men to eliminate all forms violence, basically in Chaupadhi, And seek space for advocacy on behalf of civil society and local and federal government policy level commitment to reduce and control this harm-full practices.

Jagaran Nepal’s major moto is to ensure the women rights. Different report shows that, 14 women & girl had died during a decade, On the name of So called- Chaupadhi Pratha, On the name of culture, practice and social norm, if any kind of women human right violation cases happed is the society, JN strongly lobby to the related stakeholder from community, local level , province and federal level. JN will continuously lobby and advocacy with in a project and beyond the project as well.