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"I Will Actively Work for Upliftment of Dalit and Marginalized Group"

Born in 2021/07/05 B.S. in Lumde VDC- 1, Ilam district, Chalimaya Nepali got married to Hem Kumar Pariyar in 2039/01/13 at Mahranijhoda, Guradaha Jhapa. A mother of two daughters and one son, she is a socially active woman . She completed her primary education from her mother's village Ilam and has been carrying out her ethnic occupation along with her husband and her son. She took the membership of CPN (UML) on 2053 BS but she did not involve actively in any program of the party. Chalimaya started her active involvement in the social sector after being involved in Maharanijhoda Women Empowerment Group which was formed by SMARCO Project in 2072 BS. She has actively participated in every programs of the project. Now she is member of Sana Kisan Sahakari Sanstha Maharanijhoda, member of Janahit Co-operative Society Maharanijhoda. After taking 5 days of TOT training under the project she got more knowledge about politics and women rights.

She was nominated by CPN (UML) party as Dalit women member from Gauradaha Municipality, Ward No. 5 in the local election. As she was actively involved in social activities in her ward and carried out her responsibilities directed by the party, she victoriously won the position of Dalit women member in the local election conducted on 2074/03/14 BS by gaining 1631 votes. Her closest candidate, Manu Pariyar of Nepali Congress had got only 953 votes. After taking the post of ward member she has expressed commitment to actively provide service for upliftment of Dalit and marginalized group in social and economic sector. She expressed her gratitude to Jagaran Nepal (SMARCO project) for making her able to come out of the confined zone.